California Lifeline

TELSCAPE is proud to offer discounted wireless service under the California Lifeline program to qualified California residents. Telscape Wireless California Lifeline wireless service is made possible by subsidies from the California Universal Service Fund. This fund allows Telscape to provide qualified customers discounted monthly service plans.

About California Lifeline

What is the California Lifeline discount?
The California Lifeline discount is a government subsidy that provides qualified, low-income customers a discount on their monthly wireless phone bill.

Will I receive a wireless phone with my service?
Qualified customers will receive a free cell phone from Telscape and can choose the Telscape Wireless California Lifeline plan that best meets their needs.

Do I have to pay an activation fee to start my wireless phone service?
No; For California Lifeline eligible customers the $39 activation fee is covered by your California Lifeline credits.

How do I qualify for the Telscape Wireless California Lifeline Service plan?
There are 2 ways to qualify; income based or program based. Under the income based method a customer’s total household income must be less than the income guidelines requirements. Under the program based method, the customer or a member of their household must be participating in a qualifying public assistance program.

How long can I receive the California Lifeline discount?
Qualified consumers must renew their eligibility once every year in order to keep their discounts; otherwise they will be removed from the program. Qualified customers can continue to receive their discounts with Telscape California Lifeline wireless service so long as they continue to meet the eligibility requirements.

How do I renew my eligibility once a year?
Qualified customers will receive a renewal form once a year that requires them to renew their eligibility. In some cases, customers may be asked to provide documentation evidencing eligibility. If a qualified customer does not return the renewal form by the due date, they will be removed from the program and converted to standard rates.